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Could X Bitcoin Generator be a scam? Well, diddlo-ho, yes it could.


The X Bitcoin Generator is a website where one can create bitcoins in a moment or two simply by selecting how much to generate and to which bitcoin address that generated lump of cryptocurrency should be delivered. When the process is done, a popup window appears asking the user to send about 35 USD worth of money, as a reward, to a bitcoin address*.

It sounds so great! But then… are things that sound too good to be true typically true or false? I claim this: there’s one person who is making money with that service, and it’s the owner of x-bitcoin-generator.net. For example the comment box seems to produce live feed of user comments, but it’s actually a static JSON block where the same comments are rotated over and over again. Of course it could be that that comment feed is cached for a very long time.

*) If you wonder what’s an address like that, here’s an example. A bitcoin address is a random-looking string like this: 1FNXnFje4AnfCuDmUefKY1T6NfqU45MF9W.

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