What´s this about?

This is a live test of Textpattern plugin MailChimp for Textpattern. It should be visible at the box over there →

With this plugin users can quite easily subscribe to a MailChimp List. The subscription form is written in HTML5 and is Ajax powered. It´s build exactly like this:

<txp:kuo_mailchimp strip_css="1" show_labels="0" button_text="Readysetgo!" />

The basic tag <txp:kuo_mailchimp /> has for demo purposes been armed with attribute strip_css so that the default CSS is removed. (Newsletter box is styled using Textpattern´s CSS thingy.) Besides that the tag above has button_text which as you can see changes the submit button´s text to “Readysetgo!”


If your website is using zem_contact_reborn, you can add a subscription checkbox to the bottom of it. If user checks that, he or she will be subscribing to your MailChimp List. The label for that checkbox can be localized. To use this function, or MailChimp for Textpattern at all, your Web server should support cURL. Also the zem_contact_reborn form should have a tag like this: <txp:zem_contact_email />

Update 26 August 2014: Users can now be subscribed also with uri_mail and with Textpattern´s comment form. In order to use the checkbox signup with comments it´s required it has an email field. If the comment form has a field for nickname or something like that, it will be used as first name, FNAME, field in MailChimp.

Where´s the download?

Not yet available.

A test to see if subscribing via contact form works