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My default Light Table settings


It’s a tinsy bit annoying to lose Light Table editor’s settings when something unexpected happens and the editor is reverted back to it’s default configuration. So here’s a backup of contents in my user.behaviors file.


Last updated in February 2018.

[:editor :lt.objs.style/font-settings "Consolas" 12 1]
[:editor :lt.objs.style/set-theme "ambiance"]
[:app :-lt.objs.intro/show-intro]
[:editor :lt.objs.editor/set-rulers [{:color "#555" :column 120 :lineStyle "dashed"}]]
[:editor :lt.objs.editor/line-numbers]
[:editor :lt.objs.editor/autoclose-brackets]
[:editor :lt.objs.editor/tab-settings false 4 4]
[:app :-lt.objs.menu/create-menu]
[:app :-lt.objs.menu/set-menu]
[:window :-lt.objs.menu/set-menu]
[:app :lt.objs.metrics/disable-metrics]
[:app :-lt.objs.deploy/check-version]
[:editor :lt.objs.editor/highlight-current-line]

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