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Cell phone, GPS device, memory cards, USB stick and other items against a dark brown background.

Kuopassa.net is mostly a Finnish blog from Petri Ikonen. The blog´s about making and maintaining websites. Also here are at times random posts about other topics. Before this site, this Kuopassa.net blog, I´ve webmastered something similar at www.kuopassa.com/weblog. I broke it somehow in February 2010. That wasn´t nice, so for some time my energy was directed to other stuff, until in July 2011 I decided to start again from a clean table. So here´s how Kuopassa.net began. Besides this site I´ve got a simple English photo blog Porvoo.info and a YouTube channel (and it´s contents are shared also at Kuopassa.tv.)

Some stats
  • Blog posts in total: 1114
  • Latest blog post was released 27.03.2017
  • Public comments in total: 156
  • Photos, images and other graphics: 579
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New at the video blog

  • Moltke Bridge in Darkest Hour: Moltke Bridge
  • La Cambe in Darkest Hour: La Cambe
  • Rakowice in Darkest Hour: The third Rakowice in Red Orchestra
  • Gorlitz in Darkest Hour: Gorlitz in Darkest Hour
  • Taking a look at Pariserplatz…: Pariser Platz (the Darkest Hour version) with UnrealEd
  • Königsplatz in Darkest Hour: Thanks for watching!
  • The Allied forces have capture…: DH-Bridgehead
  • Logging trees in Porvoo: Logging trees in Porvoo
  • To IronSnacks234: Sure, I record most matches, but only some clips get uploaded here because my upload speed isn't good. Even few minutes of HD video takes more than an hour to put to YouTube.

See also what kind of photos I make: www.pjti.fi