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Cell phone, GPS device, memory cards, USB stick and other items against a dark brown background.

Kuopassa.net is mostly a Finnish blog from Petri Ikonen. The blog´s about making and maintaining websites. Also here are at times random posts about other topics. Before this site, this Kuopassa.net blog, I´ve webmastered something similar at www.kuopassa.com/weblog. I broke it somehow in February 2010. That wasn´t nice, so for some time my energy was directed to other stuff, until in July 2011 I decided to start again from a clean table. So here´s how Kuopassa.net began. Besides this site I´ve got a simple English photo blog Porvoo.info and a YouTube channel (and it´s contents are shared also at Kuopassa.tv.)

Some stats
  • Blog posts in total: 1121
  • Latest blog post was released 22.04.2017
  • Public comments in total: 156
  • Photos, images and other graphics: 580
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New at the video blog

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  • Rakowice in Darkest Hour: The third Rakowice in Red Orchestra
  • Gorlitz in Darkest Hour: Gorlitz in Darkest Hour
  • Taking a look at Pariserplatz…: Pariser Platz (the Darkest Hour version) with UnrealEd
  • Königsplatz in Darkest Hour: Thanks for watching!
  • The Allied forces have capture…: DH-Bridgehead
  • Logging trees in Porvoo: Logging trees in Porvoo

See also what kind of photos I make: www.pjti.fi