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Jos harkitset liittymistä, käytä alennuskoodia 00033583 niin saat 25€ pois palvelumaksuista. Hyödynnä alekoodi heti, sillä en tiedä kuinka kauan tuo kampanja kestää, mutta se vaikuttaa olevan voimassa ainakin 16.12.

Five years in federal prison


It’s not very uplifting to load a disc to DVD or Blu-ray player and to notice the first thing that pops in the screen is a threat that I’m really close to being jailed. This could get me in big trouble. And I’m not even trying to steal someone’s car or to poop in a police offer’s hat — trying just to enjoy a film. It’s bought. It’s paid. Maybe one reason people pirate films is because they don’t want to see such anti-piracy notifications.

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