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File upload for zem_contact_reborn


With this plugin a website using Textpattern can allow users to upload files, like images or PDF’s. My plugin connects with zem_contact_reborn so that user can submit the form and at the same time get an file saved to the Web server (more precisely to the Textpattern files folder). It’s achieved simply by using a tag like this: <txp:kuo_upload_zreborn required="1" />, which is used inside zem_contact_form.

Code example

<txp:zem_contact to="myemail@mysite.com">
<txp:zem_contact_text label="Your name" /><br />
<txp:zem_contact_email label="Your email" /><br />
<txp:kuo_upload_zreborn required="1" extensions="images"
upload_limit="medium" email_file_link="1" />
<txp:zem_contact_submit label="Send your photo" />

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