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Including images in sitemap (a Textpattern tutorial)

A website owner can send a list of URL’s to Google with a "sitemap" file. The sitemap can be for example an XML file consisting of URL addresses for articles and sections under that specific website. But Google accepts also URL’s for images. Then there’s a CMS called Textpattern. It’s standard installation doesn’t come with tools to create XML sitemaps. Luckily there’s a plugin called rah_sitemap, which creates a typical XML sitemap that Google accepts. To create an image sitemap another plugin and some extra fiddling is required.

Disclaimer of some sort: I created this kind of system especially for my needs. I’ve got a photo blog where lots of photographs are shown at the front page.

Creating image sitemap in Textpattern

  1. rah_external_output should first be installed and activated.
  2. Then soo_image and it’s library called soo_txp_obj should be installed and activated.
  3. Third phase is to go in Textpattern’s admin to Forms and to create a new Misc form.
  4. Save that form with a suitable name with prefix rah_eo_, like this: rah_eo_image_sitemap.
  5. Then copy the contents of this file inside that form, and save. (You should change the <loc>http://www.yourwebsite.com/</loc> part inside the form at some point.)
  6. Go to http://www.yourwebsite.com/?rah_external_output=image_sitemap to see how the image sitemap looks like.
  7. Submit it to Google Webmaster.

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