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Miniskin4 is a free forum theme for miniBB. This theme is installed by uploading templates to templates folder by replacing the old ones there. Inside templates folder should be uploaded also folder miniskin4 with all the files inside it. After these things have been done, the theme is 99% installed. The last two steps are to upload file called miniskin4.php inside the forum’s root. And the last step is to modify the file bb_plugins.php by saving this code inside it:

if ((file_exists('miniskin4.php')) && (is_readable('miniskin4.php'))) {
include_once('miniskin4.php'); } else { echo '<p>Unable to launch Miniskin4.</p>'; }

That code will activate the Miniskin4 system. It can be accessed by logging in to the admin’s panel. It’s by default at yourforum.com/bb_admin.php.


Want to remove the “Theme by Miniskin4” text?

At the footer of Miniskin4 there’s that text Theme by Miniskin4 with a link to this page. If you want to remove that, please purchase a license via PayPal. Instantly after you’ve purchased a license, you can remove the text from templates/main_footer.html.

Price: 9.99 USD

Installing step by step

  1. Unzip miniskin4-theme.zip.
  2. Upload everything from miniskin4-theme/templates to your forum’s templates folder.
  3. Upload miniskin4.php to your forum’s root.
  4. Modify bb_plugins.php by inserting the PHP code shown above inside it.
  5. Log in to your forum’s admin panel and modify Miniskin4 to your liking.


Check here.

Demo video