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Removing spam user accounts from WordPress en masse


One approach to deleting spammy user accounts from WordPress is to launch phpMyAdmin or something similar. If the website in question isn’t really a multi user site, it should be easy to collect actual/real user accounts and export them from database. Then the database table could be truncated and previously exported data could then be imported.

Idea: removing by suspicious email address

DELETE FROM `wp_users` WHERE `user_email` LIKE '%@yahoo.com%';

This code example removes from a database table wp_users those rows that have a matching part @yahoo.com in the field where email address is stored.

Idea: removing by incremental number (ID)

DELETE FROM `wp_users` WHERE `ID` > 5 AND `ID` < 5000;

The code above will attempt to remove rows from wp_users table where the field ID has larger value than 5 and smaller than 5000.

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