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RO2 is more difficult to play in Soviet side

If you’ve purchased Red Orchestra 2 and you want to have fun playing it, you should go to German team. That’s the winning side most of the time. If you’re a bit masochistic and want to lose match after match, campaign after campaign, you definately should try Soviet side. The game is not broken, it’s just built like this. Both teams have equal number of players with different weapon arsenal. German team usually gets more experienced players. Players in Soviet side are typically less experienced. And they don’t have as much firepower as Germans.

Here are some points:

  • German hand grenades can be thrown further than Soviet F1.
  • German AT gnade detonates upon impact, which shouldn’t happen. It’s a magnetic mine.
  • Mauser C96 can have a large 20 round magazine.
  • Germans get MG34 and MG42. Soviets get DP28.
  • Germans can have an assault rifle MKb 42(H) with scope and bayonet.
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