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Things I don't like in Rising Storm

After playing Rising Storm for some days, and especially spending time on the Japanese side, it seems like the American flamethrower guy can operate his firehose too easily. Also he can move too fast. He can run even uphill without slowing down. Also he moves silently like a ninja. On the other hand the Japanese SMG gun, was it Type 100 or something, has crappy, large and round iron sights that are totally useless in situations when the sights should be used (about 99% of time). At first the SMG has a better, open iron sights, but then player gets upgraded to have the round thing blocking everything.

The third thing that I want to complain is the amount of booby traps the Japs can plant. Only two of them are possible to insert to the ground. That is very odd as the Japanese side is constantly on the defensive with inferior weapons and with usually the map design favoring the attacking side. Ammo distribution is aimed to be somewhat realistic, same with movements, sounds, textures and all the rest too. For some odd reason minefields can’t be done.

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