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MailChimp for Textpattern

Demo version for my little Textpattern plugin project called MailChimp for Textpattern can be found from here: kuopassa.net/kuo_mailchimp_lite. There’s at the right side column a newsletter signup form. It’s fully functional, so if you’d put your name and email address to it, you’d actually get subscribed to a MailChimp List. At the bottom of left side column is a zem_contact_reborn form. It’s been enhanced with MailChimp for Textpattern with a checkbox allowing user to subscribe to my MailChimp List as they’re sending feedback.


Download isn’t yet available. It’s held against "ransom" of $50 and if that’s met, a download link will be put to this page, to the forum topic and also to my Textpattern Plugins section.


  • Insert an Ajax-powered MailChimp subscription form anywhere on your website using just one Textpattern tag.
  • That tag can be localized, customized and it can put subscribers to a predefined MailChimp group.
  • Can add to your zem_contact_reborn or uri_mail forms a checkbox. With it user can subscribe to your MailChimp List as they’re sending the form.


A screenshot of MailChimp for Textpattern (lite).

A screenshot of MailChimp for Textpattern (lite).

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